Sophistication and Elegance in Banarasi sarees

The word Banarasi weave evokes images of rich and colorful fabric. Banarasi brocades are one of the finest fabrics that India has to offer. Brocade was actually a fabric worn by nobility . Brocade is a heavy fabric similar to jacquard with a raised pattern or floral design.

Originally the pattern was woven with pure gold and silver threads.

In fact , even during Rig Vedic period. Silkora , mixture of silk and cotton, is a modern textile innovation of Banarasi brocade.
The use of zari is not only traditional in Banarasi brocade, but also in the embroidery art of Zardosi.

Vanita Kollections brings you these Banarasi brocade dupattas specially brought from Banaras.

Banarsi saree silk beige blue contrast border stitched blouse ready to ship

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